BBL Hero

A Better IPL

BroadBand Light (BBL)® is the world’s most powerful IPL device on the market. This allows for a faster treatment with more even distribution of energy. With twice the cooling of typical IPL devices the overall experience is far more comfortable. Its broad range of wavelengths allow targeted treatment for many skin conditions without the need for additional alternate treatments. This is a new standard in treating skin conditions associated with aging, active life styles, and sun damage.

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., a renown dermatologist out of Stanford University played a crucial role in the develpment of BBL technology. His research demonstrated in patients that underwent regular BBL treatments over several years had skin that appeared significantly younger than their stated age. He also demonstrated that BBL treatments can result in gene expression patterns of aged skin to resemble those of younger skin. This means that BBL not only improves the appearance of the skin but also induces biological changes, treating aging at its source, hence the name of the treatment “Forever Young BBL.”

The Procedure

After identifying the areas of treatment, our Aesthetician will begin by gently cleansing the problem areas and applying ultrasound jelly.

Then the treatment starts by placing the BBL Hero handpiece crystal directly in contact with the skin and administering the pulsed light therapy of a specific wavelength. This process is continued until a uniform coverage has been achieved. The process may be repeated using another wavelength targeting another skin concern. Smaller and larger handpiece crystals may also be interchanged during the treatment to target other specific concerns. Once the process is complete the areas are covered in a moisturizing cream.

It typically takes 3-6 treatments performed 4 weeks apart to diminish the sun damage, rosacea and signs of aging.

The Result

Long term sun exposure, active lifestyle and the wear and tear of everyday living results in visible signs of skin damage. BBL Hero corrects these issues while addressing the appearance of:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Redness & Broken Capillaries
  • Signs of Aging
  • Uneven pigmentation due to sun Damage

Skin will look younger, smoother, with less visible pores and more even pigmentation. Regular BBL treatments increases skin collagen production improving skin tone, texture and elasticity.




The procedure is gentle and safe. Your eyes will be protected with safety shields or glasses. You may briefly feel a warm or “rubber band snap” sensation as the light is pulsed over the targeted areas.

You may experience some redness that should resolve within a few hours. For some spots, you will see a darkening of the treated areas followed by fading and flaking off at a later stage. The skin may feel drier and more thirsty for moisturizer during the recovery period. Proper post-care will be recommended by your aesthetician.

This is a non-invasive and typically gentle procedure with no downtime. You are able to return to work, and resume most of your activities immediately. It is recommended that you protect your treated skin with broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF moving forward to protect your beauty investment.

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