BHRT + Less Body Fat

How’s Your Get Up And Go?

We’ve all heard the saying that “there is no free lunch in life,” and that’s also true when it comes to losing your unwanted fat. There is, however, a key difference in how effective all your extra effort is as you age. At the forefront of this difference is how your body responds to the grind, and the mental fatigue resulting from the diminishing returns.

So how does all this relate to BHRT, you ask? Well, it’s simple, your body’s ability to regulate fat storage is correlated with your hormonal levels and balance. So by calibrating the proper amounts of hormones in your system, the effort you put out will have a greater return on investment.

That means your unwanted “spare tire” will actually go away if you put in the work. Restoring your levels of testosterone not only has a physical effect of reducing fat storage, it also has the motivational effect of quickly returning results for all the blood, sweat, and tears you put in.


We all know how much better our workouts are when we are enthusiastic about doing them. And we also know how miserable they are when we are not into it. That misery is usually the culmination of soreness, low energy, and just being flat out tired.

This is where Testosterone shines. Not only does it give you more motivation due to the results, it gives you back the intensity that gets lost as you age.

And lets face it when you work out harder, you feel better. That self reinforcing loop of energy is what really propels you to want to do more.


With both muscle mass and testosterone peaking in our twenties, it is a difficult battle at best to maintain our level of fitness as we age. The loss of muscle mass in women can begin as early as 35 and in men as early as 45. This is augmented by the increase in Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which inactivates testosterone making our ability to perform that much more taxing.

Fortunately, we have learned how to replace the testosterone that our bodies make in our youth with an identical substance formulated for the hormonal changes that take place as our bodies age… BioTe bioidentical testosterone pellets.

When we replace our testosterone we improve our youthful presentation to the world, but more importantly, we generate more youthful muscle mass, strength, balance, bone strength, physical stamina for exercise, and shortened recovery times. Making exercise and burning fat that much easier.

We are proud to offer the BioTE® Method of Hormone Optimization.

The Leader In Pelleting Technology


The universally acknowledged effect of Testosterone is the anabolic (growth) effect it has on muscle size and strength. This is what provides men and women with the vital appearing body that we associate with youth. And that’s just for starters, Testosterone can decrease physical injuries, and shorten the length of time that’s necessary to completely recover from injuries and soreness.

So it sounds like a fountain of youth, right? No, not exactly, you are never going to feel like you are twenty again (unless Elon Musk invents time travel), but you will feel much more like you did a decade ago.

Which brings us to maybe the most important point, how you FEEL! Why do you spend the time working out? Why do you torture yourself? Because you want to look and FEEL GREAT! You want to be confident, and you want people notice your efforts. That’s really the goal. So why not make it as easy as possible to accomplish that goal… Call us and schedule a consultation. Make your life easier…

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